John CritchinsonJohn Critchinson
Ronnie Scott Legacy Band: John Critchinson, Tim Wells, Dick Pearce, Mornington Lockett , Mark Fletcher Photo by David Sinclair. Photo by David Sinclair.Ronnie Scott Legacy Band: John Critchinson - Piano, Tim Wells - Double Bass, Dick Pearce - Trumpet,
Mornington Lockett - Tenor Sax, Mark Fletcher - Drums.

Hello and welcome....

So here we are almost a year later and life is still pretty good even though Jazz Music is proving to be a hard choice financially, for a promising Be-Bopper.
Simon Spillett is at last getting the recognition he well deserves and I'm very pleased to be a member of his Quartet with Alec Dankworth and Clark Tracey.
We've had some good gigs with the Ronnie Scott Legacy Band and TRIO - pictured above in amazing action, plus Art Themen's Quartet with Guests and his 3 Tenors line up.

Here's to it all happening when the clocks go back, whatever it is!

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